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Australians and New Zealanders plan to organize a number of events again this year on Gallipoli Campaign Honour and Respect Day.Because the Turks killed the Australians while trying to invade the Istanbul at the Çanakkale Straits.
They were killed so much that they couldn't forget that day, they started to remember it every year.
The Australians and Turks met very little in the history scene. The invader Australia wanted to invade Turkey, but the result of the war was a severe defeat for them.
The rat who lived in melbourne insulted of Atatürk. Atatürk was drunk,but the Turks, led by him, defeated the Australians.Lol

But if you Rat come here, I'll show you around Çanakkale.I've been there before, nice city. And you'll be visiting your grandfather's grave.There's a lot of Australians graves here, and you'll remember history
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