[ot][spam][crazy][draft] Mind Controlled Utopia #4.327e9

Undiscussed Horrific Abuse, One Victim of Many gmkarl at gmail.com
Mon May 23 14:27:42 PDT 2022

Richer Client: "Well, I'm really upset. I was doing my thing, and this
guy came in ..."

Boss: "Man, that sounds shitty. You really have a need to put this
straight, I imagine?"

Richer Client: "I mean, not quite like that, but I was doing things
during my day ...!"

Boss: "Karl, can you understand how important it was for this person
to do their daily thing?"

Karl: ".... I --"

Boss: "Karl understand like fuck. Karl really gets this."

Richer Client: "I don't know ... I mean when ..."

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