Two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl: My friendship with Julian Assange

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun May 22 18:07:07 PDT 2022

Going by this report Asshat has entirely renounced cypherpunk revolution and hates crypto-anarchism.

He's now a registered journalist / publisher in a Military-Entertainment-Complex where the media are precisely half the problem.

It might be different if he had expressed solidarity for jailed C-punks like CJ, Jim Bell and myself. 

We could then reciprocate with genuine emotion and moral power.

But he washed his hands of the anarchist revolution.

Maybe a hot scoop could have saved him. Something world-historical like the Watergate stories of Woodstein.

All I see in that dept is some alleged CIA hacking tools files that he appears to be with-holding as a bargaining chip.

A shabby testament to anything he once advertised as ' Cypherpunk Revolution ".

Asshat could get some short-term, limited tactical support should he graymail the USG

Otherwise there's no value proposition in supporting him.

He's also a leech, a thief, a liar and sex-criminal - so that doesn't help.

Sooner or later he will answer to us so probably the best way out is Jeff Epsteins way out.

A quick death is preferable to ' the justice of the barbarians ".

Wikileaks is also dead - untimely then - untimely now - untimely forever

Good riddance

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