Sabiha Gökçen

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat May 21 20:14:02 PDT 2022

She was the world's first female fighter pilotökçen#:~:text=Sabiha%20Gökçen%20(Turkish%3A%20%5Bsabiˈha,female%20fighter%20pilot%2C%20aged%2023.

Darkly brooding during his stints in solitary confinement, Bell has honed his idea to a knife-sharp edge, and seems to have shed any remaining scruples in the process.

"I once believed it's too bad that there are a lot of people who work for government who are hard-working and honest people who will get hit (by Assassination Politics) and it's a shame," he says. "Well, I don't believe that any more. They are all either crooks or they tolerate crooks or they are aware of crooks among their numbers."

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