Cryptome can't even unmask Kevin P

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat May 21 16:11:10 PDT 2022

While its obvious that shithole site has been slipping for a long time here now is 

further confirmation - if any were needed. One of the very few things they used 

to get right was the names of CIA agents that had accidentally or purposefully been doxxed.


>>>  One of the ex-CIA employees, Mark Chadason, said Sussmann indicated he wanted to share information about Trump with the spy agency on behalf of an unnamed client. Chadason said he pushed Sussmann for more information about his unnamed client and elicited that the client was a Republican and an engineer who either worked or had worked in the intelligence community.

However, another former CIA officer, referred to as Kevin P., said Sussmann insisted at a February 2017 meeting that he was not coming on behalf of any client. <<<

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