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Sat May 21 13:32:01 PDT 2022

> More hypocrites frauds corrupts liars the US Democrat Party
> at its very essence since decades, appalling that so many
> people worship them...

Donald J Trump won the US 2020 Presidential election.
Look at these 3 lying DNC disinformation agents masquerading as
journalists, all smirking as they deliberately pronounce an absolute
lie invented by the Clinton campaign is "very, very obviously" true.
These same people, of course, endorsed the CIA lie about the Biden

As I said this week, I was at a tech conference in Miami and the
consensus was Twitter is digging its own grave by converting itself
into a flagrant censorship machine for the DNC and US Govt. People
don't yet realize how fast free-speech sites like @rumblevideo have

Good morning. The Clinton campaign fabricated a completely false story
about Trump having a secret server with a Russian bank. The 2 servile
partisan "reporters" who most pushed it -- @FranklinFoer and
@NatashaBertrand -- have been repeatedly promoted
This has long been known but the proof is emerging now because
Hillary's lawyer is on trial for lying to FBI - ie, they not only
planted this disinformation with the press but also with FBI.
Hillary's campaign manager, Robby Mook, says Hillary personally
approved the press leak
To see who the real liars are - who the actual disinformation agents
are - watch @chrislhayes nod his DNC head as the two lying reporters
who spread the story and got rewarded -- Bertrand and Foer --
pronounce that this Trump/Alfa fraud has been proven:
"I mean, what more evidence do you need? It’s very, very obvious. It’s
really occam’s razor,” said Russia hoax queen @NatashaBertrand in 2018
on the false Trump/Alpha Bank story that originated from Hillary
Clinton. She now works at CNN.

Hillary's campaign not only used the media and FBI to spread this lie
(FBI investigated and quickly determined it was bullshit), but Hillary
herself used Twitter to spread this disinformation in a viral tweet
which (of course) remains up with no label:
@HillaryClinton 1 Nov 2016 Computer scientists have apparently
uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a
Russian-based bank.
As we demonstrated in the "Typhoid Mary of Disinformation" video we
produced this week, the cable host at the heart of every DNC/CIA lie
is @NicolleDWallace. But the "journalist" most used to launder them is
@NatashaBertrand. She originates every lie:
Since 2016, nobody has been more rewarded for eagerly serving as a
vector of CIA/DNC disinformation than Bertrand. She started at
@BusinessInsider (where she pushed Alfa Bank), then promoted to
@MSNBC, then to @TheAtlantic, then @politico, now at @CNN. Lying is
their currency

Maybe it's naiveté, but I just can't believe that the media outlets
that spread all these lies -- especially the CIA lie about Hunter
Biden's laptop being "Russian disinformation," which even NYT/WP/NBC
now say is false -- just refuse to acknowledge this let alone retract

As bad and corrupted as large media corporations have been, they
always knew they had to at least acknowledge and account for their
huge errors and falsehoods. The NYT published a lengthy Editors' Note
explaining what happened with their WMD lies.
But now, when major news outlets spread outright lies -- not just one
day, but repeatedly affirming them -- they just stay silent and
pretend it never happened when the proof emerges they lied. *Not one*
outlet that endorsed this pre-election CIA lie has acknowledged this

Due to their desperate need to keep censoring the internet and their
fear of even a modicum of online free speech returning, Democrats
converted one of the world's most influential people into an enemy.
He's now publicizing their many frauds, hoaxes and disinformation

Replying to @Jim_Jordan
All true. Bet most people still don’t know that a Clinton campaign
lawyer, using campaign funds, created an elaborate hoax about Trump
and Russia. Makes you wonder what else is fake.…

It's similar to what they did to Joe Rogan. The nation's most popular
and influential podcaster said that Bernie Sanders was his favorite
candidate. The left attacked the Sanders campaign for touting his
support, and insisted Rogan be viewed as a far-right extremist and

The current iteration of the Democratic Party — pro-war,
pro-surveillance, pushing for major expansion of security state
authority — is in perfect alignment with the Bush presidency, right
down to their embrace by people like David Frum, Bill Kristol, Max
Boot, etc. Them, not me.

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