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The Swamp Must Be Drained

The Democrats are increasingly desperate as the return of Donald Trump
becomes more likely each week.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during the American Freedom
Tour at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, on May 14,
2022. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

They are muddling the sequence of events that got us to the present
impasse: Trump ran against the corrupt back-scratching, log-rolling
society of the OBushintons—the Clinton pay-to-play schemes, the Biden
sales of influence and access, the semi-disguised socialist racism
elitism of the Obamas, and the flabby sameness and ineffectuality of
the Bush–McCain–Romney–McConnell–Ryan Republicans. Trump sensed the
people were dissatisfied with the bipartisan Swamp, and he ran as
strenuously against the Bushes and McCain and Romney in 2016 as he did
against the Clintons and Obamas.

The anti-Trumpers of both parties, in the most legally questionable
presidential election in U.S. history, eased Trump out in 2020 with
the aid of 4.8 million harvested ballots, 95 percent of the national
political media, and 70 percent of the campaign money, to bring in
(unintentionally, one assumes, although there was plenty of warning)
the most incompetent regime in the country’s history.

In 2020, the Washington establishment demonstrated the accuracy of
Trump’s claims of how corrupt and unscrupulous it was, and Biden has
demonstrated that it’s even more incompetent at government than Trump

The Swamp must be drained, and distasteful though he might be in some
ways, probably no one less formidable in his egocentricity and
demagogic talents than Trump could drain the Swamp. The Republicans
between Reagan and Trump were all inducted into it themselves, and the
Republican “Never-Trumpers” are as fierce in their animosity toward
the former president as toward the Democrats, and as the Democrats are
toward Trump. Only Trump can finish the job.

This is why the latest anti-Trump wheeze is to send Biden and Trump
out to pasture together, as if it were an even trade: The Democrats
get rid of their two biggest problems, and the Republicans return to
being doormats, awarded the White House and the speaker’s chair at
times as long as they don’t interrupt the majestic slide into the
Democratic socialist paradise (with a permanent free tax-lunch for
their rich friends in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood).

Biden is irrelevant and Trump has the stamina of a 40-year-old; the
call for joint retirement is bunk on all counts.

Pennsylvania illustrates the political polarization of the country and
also provides the solution. The Democrats will nominate a Sandersite
leftist for U.S. senator and the Republicans will almost certainly win
with a Trumpite—a description that fits all four of their
front-runners, and all four are more or less carpetbaggers. The
Republican nominee will be another senator whose loyalty is to Trump,
if he returns as president, and not to Republican Senate leader Mitch

The walls are closing in on the Democrats, to use one of their
favorite, completely dishonest phrases about Trump when they were
trying to sell the gigantic fraud that he had colluded with the
Russians in the 2016 election.

The Democrats hid their innocuous candidate in 2020 in his basement on
grounds of COVID-19, while using the same justification for drastic
changes in key states of voting and vote-counting rules, changes that
were often effected illegally, and the judiciary abdicated and refused
to judge any of the serious complaints on their merits. It was the
most dangerously illegal assault on the integrity of the election
process and on the constitutional balance of powers in the country’s

The problem is not that both 2020 candidates are now too elderly. The
problem is that 2020 and the run-up to it demonstrated that the Swamp
is as venal and self-interested and corrupt as Trump said in 2016, and
they are back. If we go back to business as usual—a stronger Democrat
than Biden and a compliant consensus Republican—the rot of 2016

When the congressional Republicans, though most of them weren’t really
supporters of his, appreciated his program, and between the Republican
majority in Congress in the first two years and the prerogatives of
executive action, Trump got much of his program through, despite
unprecedented harassment. The authors of the perfidious fraud of the
2020 election were rescued by Trump’s inept response and the
abdication of the judiciary.

Trump inadvertently collaborated with his enemies by bungling the
daily COVID-19 briefings, bungling the first debate by his
belligerency, and warning about ballot harvesting but not challenging
it legally from the outset, comprehensively, and only sending poor
Rudy Giuliani out on a trick or treat show when the battle was over.

These were the circumstances that caused Trump to call 250,000 of his
supporters to the Ellipse adjacent to the White House on Jan. 6, 2021.
He enumerated his grievances against the electoral process and the
courts’ failure to try the important cases, and having unsuccessfully
urged the mayor of Washington and the speaker of the House of
Representatives to provide enhanced security for the Capitol on that
day, he urged the crowd to demonstrate at the Capitol but to do so
“peacefully and patriotically.” This provoked the second asinine stab
at impeachment, now ostensibly to remove Trump from an office that he
had already vacated.

Trump thus provoked in four years a 100 percent increase in the number
of presidential impeachments that had occurred in the previous 228
years of its history—the march of the criminalization of policy
differences. (None of the four was justified.)

The House of Representatives committee to investigate Jan. 6, stuffed
with pathological Trump-haters of both parties and from which Nancy
Pelosi barred a couple of Trump’s more prominent defenders, will
excavate a new low in malicious partisanship and will televise its
hearings in June. No one believes them and no one cares; Jan. 6 isn’t
the point and wasn’t an insurrection.

There were many months of arrests and interrogations in which it must
be assumed that prosecutors resorted extensively to their widespread
practice of grossly abusing the plea-bargain rules to suborn and
extort perjured inculpatory evidence against their real target, Trump
and his organization, with promises of minimal sentences and immunity
from prosecution for perjury. This has not turned up anything, and the
last thing Trump wanted was anything that could be imputed to him as
an attack on constitutional government. That charge is a bit rich
coming from this gang of Democrats.

The Democrats have tried to distract the country with the abortion
question, but it isn’t working any more than the country believes that
Russian leader Vladimir Putin and the oil companies are responsible
for the highest gasoline price in American history. Their latest
gambit is to try to whip up hysteria one more time on COVID-19, but
that won’t fly either. The only person who had anything right about
COVID-19 was Trump with his imaginative and determined pursuit of a

The Trump-haters of both parties who rattled the windows of Washington
when they heaved a sigh of relief at Trump’s departure are only now
emerging from denial that he’s about to run over them with a
steamroller much larger and more fueled by righteousness than the one
they drove over him.

Woke, 1619 revisionism, racist disinformation, and violent protest:
All have to be torn up, root and branch. But if Trump does return, he
must give less ammunition to his enemies. American history and public
policy are not all about him, and the presidency of the United States
is such a great office it requires its occupants to behave with a
higher level of civility and dignity than Donald Trump often did when
he was president.

He will return to that office and do better in it if he’s less
needlessly abrasive and self-obsessed.

The country can start again in 2028 with new leaders, a fully
house-trained post-Trump Republican Party, and a rebuilt Democratic
Party over the Ozymandian wreckage of

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