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Is Biden's "Success" Our Mess?

If an administration deliberately wished to cause havoc on the border,
to ensure fuel was nearly unaffordable, to create a crime wave, to
spark 1970s hyperinflation, and to rekindle racial tensions, what
would it have done differently than what President Joe Biden has done?

So is Biden malicious, incompetent, or a wannabe left-wing ideologue?

When pressed about inflation and fuel price hikes, Biden either blames
someone or something else, gets mad at the questioner, or claims
former President Donald Trump did it.

His administration apparently believes things are going well and
according to plan.

When polls disagree, his team either believes the American people are
brainwashed or that they themselves have not supplied sufficient
propaganda. So they never pivot or compromise, but rededicate
themselves to continued failure.

Why? Apparently, what most in the country see as disasters, Biden
envisions as success.

Take the border - or rather its disappearance.

Never in U.S. history has an administration simply canceled
immigration laws, opened the border, and welcomed in millions of
illegal aliens. All arrive illegally, and without audit, or
vaccinations and tests in times of a pandemic.

Cartels now import lethal drugs at will into the United States. We
have no idea how many terrorists walk across the border each day.

Almost all the entering millions who break the law are poor, without
high school diplomas or English skills, and in dire need of massive
federal and state housing, food, education, legal, and health

Do the leftists in Washington believe that millions of dependent new
residents will look to the Left for decades of support and soon find
ways to reciprocate with fealty at the polls? Is that why Democrats
brag in unapologetic tribalist fashion about changing the demography
of the electorate?

Former President Barack Obama's energy secretary-designate Steven Chu
once gaffed in the 2008 campaign when he openly wished that U.S. gas
prices would reach European levels.

In truth, the Left has always believed the only way to achieve their
objectives of discouraging driving, forcing middle-class Americans
onto trains and buses, and persuading them to live in urban high-rises
rather than drive carbon-spewing cars from spacious suburban
ranch-style homes was to encourage high fuel prices.

Is that agenda why Biden, during the current energy crisis, simply
canceled new federal oil and gas leases? As diesel hits $7 a gallon in
California, why else did he refuse to finish the Keystone XL pipeline
or reopen Alaskan oil fields?

Inflation continues officially to exceed 8% per annum. Most consumers
feel it is double that when they pay for food, fuel, building
materials, houses, or rent - the essential stuff of life.

What did the Biden Administration expect would follow from keeping
real interest rates at near zero, while printing trillions of dollars
at the moment supplies were short and demand was spiking?

Or did it think inflation more fairly "spreads the wealth"? Does it
prompt new necessary attacks on "corporate greed?" Does it demand more
federal intervention and socialist policies?

If inflation is "bad" for most, it may not seem so to this left-wing

Violent crime is on its way to 1970s levels. The combination of
defunding the police, radical city and county prosecutors who don't
charge or lock up criminals, and emptying jails and prisons have
ignited a national crime wave.

The Biden Administration shrugs. It offers no new federal help to fund
more police or charge freed criminals under applicable federal

Does it think it is more socially just to let criminals free than
incarcerate them?

Does it buy into "critical legal theory" that laws do not reflect
ancient ideas of right and wrong, but instead are "constructed" by the
privileged to oppress the already oppressed?

Is what Americans see as dangerous crime something the Biden zealots
applaud as tough social karma?

Americans are tired of the new woke tribalism. Judging individuals on
the basis of their race, gender, or superficial appearance is amoral,
and contrary to the entire civil rights movement, and the U.S.

It destroys any idea of meritocracy and divides the country
artificially into supposed victims and victimizers.

But do the Biden people see it that way?

Or do they promote racial tensions and tribalism, as welcome
revolutionary fervor?

In that regard, the Bidenites promote identity politics as a good way
to stir up the pot, to demonize supposed oppressors and deify the
oppressed - all as a way of retaining political power. For the Left,
living in a socialist nation controlled by an elite is far preferable
to living in a free and prosperous one answerable only to the people.

The public believes the Biden Administration has failed America, with
disastrous results due either to its incompetence, belligerence, or
left-wing zealotry.

But Biden and his delusional team seem delighted with what they have wrought.

In sum, what Americans see as an abject catastrophe, they cheer on as
a stunning and planned success.

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