India’s restrictive VPN law should be a warning to us all | TechRadar

professor rat pro2rat at
Fri May 20 05:05:04 PDT 2022

There's a 'restrictive law' and then there's directives-being-sought  - which are not necessarily always the same.
And in the context of Govts ( like Russia, China, as well as India ) constantly preening, posing and posting as the LEO's who will finally tame the " Wild West " that is the net - and just as constantly wimping out and backing-down - well . . . 

I repeat what I've been saying since 2010 - no nation-state, religion or large corporate ( or combination of them ) can take on the anarchic net and win. Especially since we get stronger every year and they all get comparatively weaker. 

Maybe just take your gutless chickenshit  ' warnings ' and shove them?  In a nice way. 

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