[ot][spam][crazy] inhibition efforts: daily behaviors

Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Thu May 19 17:37:31 PDT 2022

> - continued repetition of a baseline to establish a norm

- think of something one is doing _more_ than desired, and every time it is
done, do the task to establish a baseline of. keep the intensity such that
this works rather than breaking.

- if a behavior is fragile and must develop, increase the baseline only
after it is well-established. even if this means almost nothing, and
pairing with a strong reward.

- if a behavior is strong, develop its baseline quickly.

- a way for me to give feedback on how easily i am able to continue a
> baseline
> - if the baseline does not repeat, reduce it to something that can

- tasks have different properties (activity, duration, discomfort) -- these
are all things to consider holding at a baseline or logging, to help sort

- I found it helpful to have a sugar cookie at moment of onset (and never
else), for a hard thing. this may work even better with nicotine, caffeine,
or other drug.

- it seems helpful to journal and/or consider how things go, each behavior.
this can lead one to notice powerful problems or opportunities.

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