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professor rat pro2rat at
Wed May 18 23:11:03 PDT 2022

" . . .  I wanted to verify that he really does identify himself as a fascist or Nazi.  I have no intention of reading the whole thing and plan to delete it, as it is quite a large file.

I note that G. gets all cutesy in the m. about being both left and right, which is IMO just red-brown obfuscation--as is also, I suspect, his invocation of depression, etc as a motive for the attack.  I suspect that is just a piece of leadfooted  cleverness intended to invoke a "liberal" topos, beneath which Gendron chuckles like a blood-soaked leprechaun. 
 Look at me--I'm not crazy, but the soyfolk will empathize with my youthful trauma.. How cleverly I have tricked them!
So clearly Gendron thinks he's a fascist and has numerous explicit connections to neofascist ideology.  This IMO supports the use of the term "fascist"  . . . "


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