Karl real identity

zeynep at keemail.me zeynep at keemail.me
Wed May 18 15:58:44 PDT 2022

> I'm not following most of what you are saying here. It sounds like we have very different assumptions.
I've always been consistent here, unlike you.I need you to read what I'm saying here, and I'm not writing for you and the other agents.There are people who don't write here but read my posts too much.I want to point out this in particular because I have a lot of people who write to me in private.
Contrary to what you may think, people's opinions can actually change but it's important to be transparent and consistent and honest.

> Never give your real name to anyone unless you want to become a confused homeless person.
> My name is Karl Semich, I was born in 83, I am confused and homeless and presently staying on my mother's property. The area posted by zeynep is near where the "free talk live" cryptocurrency activism happens that was posted on-list some months ago.

We both know and yet, you're still lying. Don't try to fool anyone here.The point here is that you actually attacked the archive. Everyone has already forwarded the messages you sent to the spam box

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