Capitalism clowns

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Wed May 18 09:31:34 PDT 2022

John Young is targeting people who ride bikes.Because he thinks people should drive so America can make money off oil.Of course, car companies need to make money.

The cause is, unequivocally, global climate change, driven by emitting carbon into the atmosphere.Add to this the limited resources and the damage to the environment.
It's worth more to him than human life and the environment for the car and health companies to make money.i used to ride a bike almost every day before quarantine.I had a perfectly healthy body,cycling has a good effect on functions in some of his mind, and stability ensures a certain level of control.Now I'm still riding a bike on my college campus. I'm biking my way to campus.There's electric scooters on campus for that, but I ride a bike for my health.And I love bicycle lanes! 

Leave the bike tracks and the young people riding the bike alone

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