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Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Tue May 17 23:48:39 PDT 2022

i have made progress on bisecting the issue i posted. the host is behind
cloudflare :/ . that seems like a big possible related factor. the error
does not happen when i run curl simultaneously to the failing request
(prior, terminates after start, or after, terminates before end). so big
suspects include triggering on headers, personal hallucination, system

as it try to diagnose it my muscles contract and begin kind of vibrating,
in ways that pull me away from what i'm doing. my body constantly tries to
make errors that harm my work: i already ctrl-c'd one long-running process
when i was trying to just rerun a test without ctrl-c'ing anything.

i'd really like to video or eeg these weird personal misbehaviors. log
storage first, though, or i'll just delete the log!
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