FEDBOOK contracting is a good sign

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Tue May 17 23:07:35 PDT 2022

Fedbook now marks a dirty high-water-mark of the globalized internet platform.

Sort of like a McDonalds of the web. And now both corporates are receding from the fiction of 

Francis Fuck-yo-Mama that we had reached the end of history with corporate globalized neo-liberalism.
You may say that's bad since the rise of Red Fascism in China and Chekist revanchism in Russia.
But neither of those two can make any claim to global hegemony - and they know it.
This leaves an opening for us and the posing of a stark choice - cryptoanarchist revolution or business-as-usual conformity. We are now the only valid and viable alternative to the status quo.
Welcome to the revolution!

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