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Karl Semich 0xloem at gmail.com
Tue May 17 02:01:01 PDT 2022

I'm guessing sending these is related to me posting to the list.

Please send fewer at once so I can continue to process them in a
non-automatic fashion.

I do not want to get disconnected from your requests by simply
spam-filtering them all.

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Date: Tue, May 17, 2022, 4:48 AM
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Mailing list removal confirmation notice for mailing list cypherpunks

We have received a request from for the removal of your
email address, "gmkarl at gmail.com" from the
cypherpunks at lists.cpunks.org mailing list.  To confirm that you want
to be removed from this mailing list, simply reply to this message,
keeping the Subject: header intact.  Or visit this web page:


Or include the following line -- and only the following line -- in a
message to cypherpunks-request at lists.cpunks.org:

    confirm db03cde46cbc587b57a22b3ce7abef81c4d37188

Note that simply sending a `reply' to this message should work from
most mail readers, since that usually leaves the Subject: line in the
right form (additional "Re:" text in the Subject: is okay).

If you do not wish to be removed from this list, please simply
disregard this message.  If you think you are being maliciously
removed from the list, or have any other questions, send them to
cypherpunks-owner at lists.cpunks.org.
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