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Mon May 16 09:41:49 PDT 2022

The current wiring has GND->COM1, NO1->MOTOR-, MOTOR+->12V.

To make it go backward, I would connect MOTOR+->GND and MOTOR-->12V .

I have 2 relays with 3 pins each. Each relay can reswitch one thing to one
of two other things when switched.

The currently relay has ground, so I could make it wire ground to MOTOR+
when the other way.

Then the other relay would have 12V, and could wire it to either MOTOR+ or

But, in that arrangement there would be no way to turn the motor off.

Maybe it makes more sense to undo the wires and move them by hand.

I'm thinking that I will need to do this again, though. But, it's easier to
be physically near the motor when sending it in reverse.
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