Democrats ask Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to archive content that could be used in war crimes trial against Russia

punk punks at
Sat May 14 17:07:59 PDT 2022

> Jim Bell's comment:
> Why just Democrats?  Is this a misrepresentation if the truth?  I suspect so.  Since Putin started the Ukraine war, I relatively frequently see Democrats claim Republicans are somehow on Russia's side.  Yet, I don't recall ever seeing actual evidence of that.

	right - every single piece of US jewnazi shit, and especially turds like you jim bell, are against russia. Which is of course a perfect illustration of the fact that the US is a fascist cesspool ruled by One Party with two...identical factions. Right wing turds like you and grancrap 'on the right' are mirror images of 'the left'.

	it's also pretty funny to see a 'libertarian' 'anarchist' like bell turn into a US Patriot, aka braindead nazi, in the blink of an eye. Shocking! So unexpected!!

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