The threat to list pests is real

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat May 14 14:56:00 PDT 2022

I hear things. I hear someone might be taking my threats to kill Nazi, Gramps and Semich seriously - even if they aren't.
 He already is charged with making similar threats against police in Australia, according to the Victoria Police in Melbourne.
Saying that his real name was Matt Taylor and that he was 67 years old, Professor Rat said he promotes a theory called Assassination Politics that emerged at the periphery of cyber-anarchist circles in 1997. 
The concept is that of an online lottery in which people bet on a date that public figures will die. The implication is that the lottery “winner” likely helped arrange the death. Winnings would be paid in blockchain cash. The development of quantum digital money, and encryption software restricting government’s ability to monitor Internet activity, are common goals among the online anarchists and libertarians known as “cypherpunks.”
The ultimate purpose of Assassination Politics is to deter people from working for government agencies, corporate media outlets or institutions “beholden to the violence of the state,” Taylor said. 
Professor Rat also has threatened a University of Ottawa law professor, a columnist for The Boston Globe and a Cincinnati police officer. Many of those threats were posted to a listserv called Cypherpunks. The e-mail distribution network allows libertarians and anarchists interested in the tension between government oversight and individual liberty on the Internet to discuss those issues via e-mails that when sent to the listserv are distributed to all members.

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