ENGELS Nazi Period. 1820 - 1895

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Sat May 14 03:19:32 PDT 2022

" . . .A few more upheavals, a few more bills for armaments and Charles Rothschild will have bought up the entire Austrian monarchy.
We look forward to the victory of the bourgeoisie over Austrian imperialism with genuine pleasure. Our only wish is it should be really common, really dirty , really Jewish bourgeoisie who buy up this ancient and revered empire. Such a nauseating horsewhipping, paternalistic, lousy, government deserves to go down to a truly lousy, shaggy-haired, stinking adversary. Herr Metternich can rest assured that, when the time comes, we shall delouse this adversary just as mercilessly as he will be deloused by him before long . . ."

Friedrich Engels - early 1848 ( Deutsche Brusseler Zeitung newspaper )

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