NSA spook here

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Fri May 13 18:20:46 PDT 2022

Possibly some NSA spook here thinks they're James Bond unsubbing members.  

I just got one.

But possibly they left some clues.

Like who here has been acting like COINTELPRO with unsubstantiated allegations?

Who also has been trying Divide-and-Rule using old-fashioned religious bigotry ( antisemitism old-school )

And finally who here has actually said they will defend NSA rapists!!

Catch this creepy statist criminal and see if the petty harassment stops.

Then kill him. Another minor problem solved by the ' Killer App " ( APster )

No. Please. Don't thank me.  Your upturned smiling faces do that for youse.

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