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Make no mistake... digital is a kill switch meant to shut *you* down

Kill Switches: Biden Is Threatening Our Freedom Of Movement



The federal gov’t and silicon valley are looking to clamp down on your
freedom of movement.

Your ability to move about as you please does not fit with their goals
for the future of our world. Automotive-related freedoms, including
access to fuel, allow us to be free to move without the permission of
silicon valley and the federal government.

Automotive freedoms are not only hobby related; they are essential to
preventing yet another step along the road to serfdom at the hands of
woke corporations and federal bureaucrats.
(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Biden recently signed into law a requirement that all vehicles
produced after 2026 be fitted with a remote kill switch. Electric
vehicles are already equipped with this capability via
internet-connected “superchargers.” These corporations can sell you a
product for tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, then
prevent you from using them. Worse yet, if the law is not challenged
or repealed, these kill switches will have a “back door” that allows
government agencies to shut your vehicle off remotely as well.

With conservatives slowly waking up to the reality that corporate
managers are not on our side, this should be among our top concerns.
Internal combustion vehicles, so far, are free of the sorts of nanny
state controls that are standard on electric vehicles, so preserving
our access to gasoline and diesel fuel is an absolute necessity

Right to repair is also an important issue. It is not, as some
techno-authoritarians claim, a simple matter for tinkerers. Rather, it
is a critical component of our ability to maintain freedom of
movement. Right to repair ensures that we are able to hire independent
professionals to repair our vehicles and other products rather than
being forced to pay astronomical prices to manufacturers.

Now that the environmental superiority of electric vehicles is being
called into question, the real agenda behind climate hysteria is
clear: climate change fear mongers want us poorer and unable to travel
and commute as we see fit. As the Biden administration’s intentional
policy of high gas prices hits the average American in the pocket
book, it’s important to note that the cost of EV batteries is also
rising. Subsidized demand for these batteries has led to a massive
increase in the prices of conflict minerals, such as lithium and
cobalt, that make up these batteries.

There is no evidence that the actual cost of electric vehicles will be
dramatically lower than those of internal combustion vehicles.
Currently the average price of an electric vehicle is $56,000. What
does this say about your ability to travel freely in the coming years
if the federal government effectively bans our use of internal
combustion vehicles?

Further, the left is turning a blind eye to the horrifying human
rights record associated with cobalt and lithium mining. Child
slavery, extremely poor working conditions, and poisoned rivers are
just a few of the problems that plague the extraction of these
minerals. One could reasonably ask the Biden administration why the
American public is being forced to subsidize the horrifying human
rights record associated with the mining of these resources.

Though the near-magical power of innovation is an article of faith for
many, technological change does not always benefit the average person.
There is nothing inevitable about these so-called innovations or the
politically-driven subsidies that enable them. There is nothing
inevitable about the burdens that this technological change will put
on the average person. We need only have the courage of our
convictions, combined with the backing of knowledgeable groups like
the SEMA Action Network, to ensure that we are not forced to subsidize
real environmental hazards, human rights abuses, and the restriction
of our own freedom of movement.

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