Ynt: CIA MK Ultra The True Story of Julian Assange

ZEYNEP AYDOĞAN zeynep.aydogan1 at std.yildiz.edu.tr
Wed May 11 16:56:29 PDT 2022

I just want to say a few words before I leave.I wasn't going to say this, but ı’m so angry.

You made me look like this woman. But you look more like this woman and I'm gonna prove it

pro2rat at yahoo.com.au wrote:
>Nancy-Spungen, Zeynep A-hole is serial liar - like her Kadet- Nazi-Punk boyfriend . VICIOUS LIARS -  GO FUCK YOURSELVES!

1-This woman is too short, I'm taller than her (about 17 cm) Her height: (155cm) My height (172 cm)

1.1-I'm taller than average length of women in my country.But Rat you're shorter than the height of the men in the country. You're almost as short as Nancy

2.Nancy also has a psychological disorder and hospital documents on it.(Just like you, ı’m not surprised)
2.1-I've never had a psychological condition
But you have

3-Important information:I never had a Nazi boyfriend.None of my ex-boyfriends were so ignorant.
3.1-You can't have a partner because nobody wants you.
4-I'm not a liar, but you're a liar like them


I think you should do this to yourself Because you seem to need it.LOL
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