CIA MK Ultra The True Story of Julian Assange

Revevilgod God revevilgod at
Wed May 11 11:54:44 PDT 2022

The truth is that assange  a rapist. Another truth is that people who accuse assange of being a 'rapist' are truth defender 

Assange’s right to look like a complete dickhead on the world stage. Because he's a dickhead

> 	And here's another truth : 'revevilgod' joined this list to settle some kind of score with appelbaum.  Or at least that's what he told me. Point being, the only reason he joined the list is to provoke appelbaum. Or so he claimed. 

Did he put his own dick in your pussy or in your ass? You're being such a raving pussy.

> 	Now here's a guess : punk is actually some dumb, fat, ugly cunt 

This is weird 'cause you could literally Be describing  yourself.Dumb fat ugly cunt

who appelbaum didn't even bother fucking, and so revevilgod is still mad at appelbaum.

I think you fucked him. Where did he fuck you?? It's obvious he's got you in your head the way he fucked it

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