Third Point LLC on Shell PLC Restructuring

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Third Point LLC on Shell PLC Restructuring

Litigation Finance Journal recently reported on Shell PLC’s board of
<> who
are accused of allegedly manipulating ESG frameworks at the expense of
shareholder interest. New York-based Third Point LLC recently announced a
significant investment into Shell, underscoring intentions to profit from a
corporate restructuring of the multinational energy conglomerate. Third
Point says Shell’s relocation to the United Kingdom provides significant
leverage for ROI, given the board of directors’ alleged ESG misgivings.

Third Point’s Q1-22 shareholder letter
the firm’s pragmatic approach to increasing its investment in Shell,
despite the board’s ESG track record. Third Point suggests that
conversations with Shell’s board echo shareholder dismay from poor ESG
planning. However, Third Point plans to help guide Shell’s shareholders to
a bright future under various restructuring scenarios.

Third Point suggests that European energy efficiencies are a valuable
long-term investment in a wartime scenario. Third Point’s Q1-22 letter
discusses lessons learned by Shell, and how ESG’s future will include
copper and nickel stewardship to drive the future of EV innovation.
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