[ot][spam][crazy] The Trials of Mediating Algorithms

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Tue May 10 02:53:31 PDT 2022

The task of judging a library to start with has similarities to the task of
integrating or composing two libraries.

Regarding integrating or composing, an interesting example is machine
learning backends like tensorflow or pytorch. These all have to integrate
multiple vector math backends, in an organised way, with developers likely
on a time budget. It's an example of people successfully doing this in
recent years.

Regarding judging libraries, the similarity relates to their being lengthy
lists of api functions, featuresets, or similar, and the need to summarise
or hold in some way, what is important or possibly relevent about these, in
order to consider them as a whole with other sets of stuff.

The biggest issue for me with retaining such useful considerations is that
I lose the parts. Amnesia, disorganization, incineration ...

Retaining basic small information. Similar to "awesome" lists on gits. And
using parts of this information to relate with other information, make
decisions, and do work.
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