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Mon May 9 06:12:16 PDT 2022

the notebook recaps the points of class 1, some things with rephrasing that
adds clarity.

it runs by default on colab. huggingface also supports amazon.

step 0 is to change the runtime to gpu and I gotta remember this is a
dangerous trap: my runtime is already set to gpu.

the runtime on colab is just like what kind of system the code executes on.
the ones without gpus are lighter weight.

the first code is for a "virtual screen" to render results . I wonder if it
would work on a headless system :D

from pyvirtualdisplay import Display # is on pip, also uses apt to install
python-opengl, ffmpeg, xvfb

virtual_display = Display(visible=0, size=(1400, 900))

They say these are the base dependencies they're using, all on pip:

gym[box2d] # contains lunarlander environment
stable-baselines3[extra] # deep rl library
huggingface_sb3 # lets sb3 use hugging face hub models, a new one on me,
sounds powerful
ale-py==0.7.4 # works around stable-baselines3 issue #875
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