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> I'm not doing this right now because I have something important to do
> today that will need grounding in normality.
> But here's a draft:
> Learing RL
> Welcome, future Mind Control Business Owners! Our hives of slaves will be
> the most powerful in the galaxy, all stewarded under the caring heart of
> Borg Queen Figurehead Trump (todo: add more political figureheads, do any
> claim to run the world?).

We could update "caring heart" to maybe "gentle whip" with a norm of 1.0
reward, but brief losses for duration of whatever the most important unmet
goal is.

> Today we will be working through Session 1 of HuggingFace's Reinforcement
> Learning Algorithm Course. This may seem slow, but remember: once you mind
> control yourself to be an obsessive slave to your business hive algorithms,
> your perception of time will disappear!
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