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Sun May 8 19:46:23 PDT 2022

Democrats resort to shifty slimy parliament games when
they can't win straight up, they are so pathetic, and this
is at least the third time they try to enact and steal more
people's money calling it "profits" and "windfalls"...

CA Lawmakers Use 'Gut-And-Amend' To Resurrect Failed Gun Tax

California lawmakers have used a legislative technique known as
"gut-and-amend" to revive and fast-track a tax on firearms and

On May 5th, the California State Assembly 'gutted' the contents of an
unrelated bill (AB-1227) aimed at building energy efficiency, and
amended it with language reviving a long-failed firearm and ammunition
excise tax which, if passed, would be effective immediately as an
"urgency statute."

According to the new language, "The year 2020 saw an unprecedented
surge in firearm and ammunition sales across the nation, and this
trend has continued into 2021." They say that the tax is needed
because "This surge in firearm and ammunition sales and profits has
occurred alongside an unprecedented nationwide spike in shootings and
gun homicides." Seemingly conflating legal gun sales with crime and

    A California bill regarding roof replacement building standards
was just amended to completely change it into a gun and ammo tax that
would take effect immediately.
    — Firearms Policy Coalition (@gunpolicy) May 6, 2022

The bill itself calls for an excise tax of 10% on handguns and 11% on
long guns, ammunition, or precursor parts. California would then
deposit the tax collected from the bill into a so-called Gun Violence
Prevention, Healing, and Recovery Fund. We've stated that these funds
are cover for liberal states to tax gun owners and fund their
opposition research, which in turn supports more gun control laws.
It's like an authoritarian Uroboros.

Interestingly, a similar bill, AB-1223, was introduced by the same
author, California state legislator Marc Levine, but failed to pass in
February. This is another attempt to pass a failed gun tax by gutting
and amending a solar roofing bill.

What's even more telling of the lawmakers' attitudes in California is
this excerpt from the proposed legislation: "Existing law imposes
various taxes, including taxes on the privilege of engaging in certain
activities." It's obvious here that California intends to treat the
2nd Amendment like a privilege, to be taxed and taken away from those
that are unworthy, or cannot afford it, instead of a constitutional

As expected, the reaction on Twitter from gun owners has been explosive.

    @AsmRodriguez52 @SenatorLeyva
    As my representatives in the CA legislature, I am requesting you
oppose AB1227 (Levine) as it is yet another racist, classist attack on
CA citizens’ access to our #2A Rights. I expect you to find ways to
remove barriers to RIGHTS, not place them.
    — Triggerology (@Triggerology_FT) May 7, 2022

    How is that even legal??
    — Legal Backchanneler "Spooky" (@not_spookyguns) May 6, 2022

    Just California doing California things
    — Gilbert Quintanilla (@GilbertQuinta16) May 6, 2022

    this would be shocking if it was happening anywhere else but California.
    — The Machine Gun Nest (@TMGNMD) May 6, 2022

    Can we tax voting at the same rate? Maybe $200 voting tax? Wait...
Taxation of a constitutional right... We already dealt with that.
    — Nicholas Pettinato (@NPettinato14) May 6, 2022

While the insanity of the situation can almost be humorous, gun owners
should look at California not as a bubble but as an example of what
can happen when one party controls a state. Don't forget, California
was a Republican stronghold state until the 90s but now serves as a
template and testing ground for gun control policy nationwide.

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