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Sun May 8 16:24:49 PDT 2022

A 15-year-old girl from #Popasna herself drove a car with her legs
shot to evacuate heavily wounded adults. She drove about 30 km and
saved herself and others. #StopRussia


Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson also collects donuts for pickups for Ukraine

Russian soldiers tell their dear ones they killed Ukrainian mothers in
front of the children of these mothers. Russian girlfriend/wife of the
soldier cheers the murder. „She was the enemy“. German peace movement
obviously supports the views of the soldier and his girlfriend/wife.
Another 🇷🇺Russian soldier calling home. He says: "A (civilian) woman
with 2 kids was walking by. Our guys killed her in front of the kids".
A woman back home responds: "Well of course, she's the enemy too".
Phone call intercepted and published by @ServiceSsu.

Many of us watched interviews with Azov commanders from Mariupol
today. A few facts about Ilya Samoilenko: ˗ he lost his left arm in
the fighting. Now he has a titanium mechanical prosthesis. Elijah also
lost his right eye. Now the eye is artificial.
˗ studied at the Faculty of History of Kyiv University. He dreams of
completing his studies after the war.

When the world says "indestructible", it speaks of Ukrainian soldiers
in #Mariupol. Two months in the blockade - but they hold on. Real
heroes of steel! #SaveTheDefendersOfMariupol #AZOV ✊🏻🇺🇦

How the territory of the #Azovstal plant was changing from March 10 to
May 3 on Planet’s satellite images. #StopRussia

The "Save #Mariupol" petition. How can you help? // UA STRUGGLE
Podcast #3 The situation in Mariupol is extremely difficult. Alina
Stara, Press Secretary of the Ukrainian Struggle Centre, talks about
the current situation in Mariupol and a chance to save people.

The #AZOV Regiment reports that during the evacuation from the
#Azovstal plant, Russian soldiers separated mother and daughter. It is
unknown where the mother is now and whether she is alive and how the
#UN representatives gave their mother to the Russians during the

The children, whose parents are now at the #Azovstal plant, recorded
their own appeal. Call to the #UN and foreign governments: action must
be taken and everyone must be evacuated from #Mariupol! Otherwise,
these children will be orphaned. #save_Mariupol

Volunteers from the special unit "#KRAKEN" delivered humanitarian aid
to a bomb shelter in the #Kharkiv subway. "KRAKEN" is a special unit
of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that was formed by veterans of the #AZOV
Regiment. #StopRussia

So, I report on the auction. 500k$ for the picture Primachenko today
successfully received on the accounts of our Fund. The new owner wants
to leave it in Ukraine, he says, will give it to the Victory Museum.
The money will go to 125 volkswagen T5 buses from Germany for the
front - to carry ours and smoke Rus!

Bledina - "Ugly Flying Bitch"

Today, after 70+ days of Russia Genocide of Ukrainians, UN has finally
squeeze out some "No War" words without telling the world that Russia
has started a full-scale occupational war, giving their soldiers a
carte blanche for looting, mass civilian murders & rapes of children.

In Russia, a gang of guys continue to set fire to military
registration and enlistment offices!



Great irony that the Azov fighters in Mariupol, so often accused of
being far right extremists, are sacrificing their lives for democracy
while supposedly pacifist intellectuals in Europe are using their pens
to the advantage of Russian fascism.

The beginning of March, the seaside district of Mariupol🇺🇦 after the
first battles, the unreal atmosphere was. The most importantly, it
affected civilians who are now trapped. Soldiers of the Azov Regiment
provide first aid and make every effort to free civilians from this
blocked place. #AZOV!

Маріуполь - Україна! АЗОВ - СТАЛЬ!

One Putlerian rhetoric circulator re war criminal actions...
"Ukraine should not exist in the future. Ukrainians should not exist
in the future.  -- Matveychev, member of the gosduma from 'united

1) Russians destroy a Jewish cemetery in Ukrainian Sumy, after hitting
Babyn Yar and Drobytsky Yar memorials 2) @spdberlin, @Bettina_Jarasch
and @dielinkeberlin led Berlin govt sends police to attack Ukrainians
amid the celebration of the Victory over Nazism in Europe anniversary

The airstrike on the school in #Bilohorivka, #Luhansk region. 60
civilians died, 30 were injured. #Russia must be brought to justice!

Fuck Putin.

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