Two cheers for biometrics

professor rat pro2rat at
Sat May 7 23:53:09 PDT 2022

Biometric hashes stored in a blockchain certainly make life easier for UBI ( via the Orb ) and for ease-of-use - (  if the latest trusted module system from a Silicon Valley consortium works as advertised )  Advances like this that are utilitarian and wildly popular help advance c-punk goals in broad brushstroke terms. They make everyday use of the anarchic web deserving of essential human-and-civil right status. ( Except for Nazi-Punks ) 
But we're still a ways short of full cryptoanarchy and the long-time, hot-button " True Names ' issue remains non-trivial and NP hard. Unlike the blockchain we can't get enough ( strong AI and ubiquitous quantum ) tech off-the-shelf, economically, overnight.  We're getting there. I'm insanely confident we'll even get there by CYPHERPUNK 2027. But this won't be brute-forced - and we really need the strong AI now like we needed decentralized digital-cash 20 years ago.
" Help us strong AI - you're our last, best hope "

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