USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sat May 7 03:09:36 PDT 2022

> Recording this censorship event here"hunter+biden"

Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell, Bobulinski, Burisma, Joe Biden,
10% For The Big Guy, John Paul Mac Isaac, Russia Hoax...

All this and more is still being massively deleted, censored,
steered, buried, burned, and lied by Fake News Media, Big Tech,
Social Media, Democrats, Election Officials, and more. John Isaac Fights Back John Isaac Fights Back John Isaac Fights Back Democrat Frauds Brand on the matter

Democrats have been fighting against election integrity ever since.

SocialMedia apparently tried to suspend accounts of "2000 Mules" ...

Then there's this...
MAJOR UPDATE: Within the last 24 hours Rumble has been under
an unprecedented attack. Our engineers are working around the clock
to mitigate these attacks and prepare for a smooth rollout of our 1st
movie launch "2000 Mules" tomorrow. As the situation evolves
we will update here.

Democrats and Govt in general are in panic mode so they just
spun up a massive Government Disinformation Ministry to
distort Midterms and 2024 in their favor, keep trying to bury all
the corruption fraud lies etc that has been and will be exposed,
and to generally spin and censor shit even harder, but this
time with the brutal totalitarian "legal" force of Government
and "law" behind it all.

The US 2020 elections were the biggest coordinated multifaceted
criminal conspiracy and outright election fraud ever in the history
of the world to date.

Donald J Trump Won The US 2020 Presidential Election.

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