[ot][spam][crazy] uploading stuff to blockchains

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Fri May 6 13:47:00 PDT 2022

the log has timestamps that may be helpful in identifying what is
making it so slow.

but is suspect it is slow because it is checking for the presence of
many chunks.

rising the chunk size could speed that.

1645 ET

the things it is checking for are named like
BLAKE2B256-s34359738368-S67108864-C206 and i can visually see that it
is pausing within the region where it would check the network for
presence, so that is likely what is slow.

the names indicate that the remote is configured for a very small
chunksize. this is the most helpful area to increase the speed, as
this does relate to the metadata size too.

the name says the chunks are 67108864 bytes large, probably 64MiB .

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