War re Ukraine: Thread

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Wed May 4 11:24:03 PDT 2022

> Putin the invader criminal continues to

Martyrs, inspiration for decades of struggle by defenders
of and on their own lands to regain their own lands, are
created when an invader murders the land's valiant heroic
defenders and civilians inside. Putin is turning Mariupol into
one giant case of Martyrdom. Helpless civilians and fighters
injured and starving who offered to leave intact dignified to
Ukraine through free exit corridors which Putin denied, leave
no other choice but to take defense, or fight way out, from
certain death, which Putin has now launched since week.
Putin said "surround them" with ability to do a neutral siege,
Putin lied and has now aggressed across that "surrounding"
to murder them all from land sea and air, videos prove that
needless bombing within the "surrounding" thing of siege.
20+ thousands of murders, everything destroyed.
Fuck Putin the Invader. Slawa Ukraini!


About a !️hundred citizens, including elderly people and children,
were pulled by soldiers of the Azov regiment from the rubble on the
territory of the Azovstal plant the day before in order to evacuate to
a safe territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. However, we
emphasize: on the territory of the plant in the basements under the
rubble there are still people! The invaders continue to shell these
territories, which is extremely dangerous for the health and life of
civilians. We call for the continuation of the regime of silence
[ceasefire] and urgent evacuation of people to the city of
Zaporizhzhia! We also note that so far none of the wounded defenders
of Mariupol have been evacuated, which is contrary to international
humanitarian law!!! ️‼️‼️
!️Urgent appeal from the deputy commander of the regiment "Azov"
Captain Svyatoslav Palamar, Kalina, about the situation at the plant
We call for the urgent introduction of a ceasefire and the continued
evacuation of citizens to safe territories controlled by Ukraine!

#Russian troops storming #Azovstal in #Mariupol for the second day
breached the factory. Heavy fighting is taking place. More details to
follow. Contact with our men has been lost.


My grandfather died. I have a wound on my back pulled out the skin. My
sister has a head wound. Mom had the meat on her arm and hole in...

"My two dogs died and my grandmother Galya and my favorite city
#Mariupol" - a resident of #Mariupol published the diary of a boy who
was under #Russian occupation. Fuck. Just fuck.

The list of persons who were forcibly deported from Mariupol to Rostov
yesterday by the Russian occupiers. Among them are 23 children.

The Russians almost completely wiped out the city of #Mariupol.
Exclusive footage of what is left of the #Azovstal plant. The Russians
continue shelling it, even though there are civilians there.
#Russia and #Putin went insane. They destroyed #Mariupol, and now they
are going to clean up some streets and act as if the city is
completely fine, so they can prepare for the "victory parade" on May

Ukraine Says Communications With Trapped Fighters In Azovstal Has Gone Dark

Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichenko has announced Wednesday that Ukrainian
officials no longer have communications contact with the estimated
couple thousand Azov fighters still holed up beneath the cavernous
Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol.

Hundreds of civilians are also believed still trapped there, and
running low on food, water and supplies. As we detailed Tuesday, for
the first time in the weeks-long standoff for the sprawling complex,
Russian forces attacked the plant as Azov fighters briefly emerged and
reportedly set up firing positions.

These sporadic gun battles have continued, as part of the final
showdown for Azovstal, and as the trapped Ukrainian militants vow to
fight till the end, refusing Russian demands to immediately come out
and surrender. Some few hundred civilians have also been safely led
out over the past number of days under UN and Red Cross brokered
Via Reuters

Mariupol Mayor Boichenko has issued a fresh statement: "Today there
are heavy battles on the territory of our fortress, on the territory
of Azovstal. Our brave guys are defending this fortress, but it is
very difficult, because heavy artillery and tanks are firing all over
the fortress; aviation is working, ships have approached and are also
firing on the fortress."

Of the some 30 children said to be trapped among the civilians still
beneath the plant, he said, "They are waiting for a new negotiation
procedure and a new evacuation mission," and described a constant
barrage of Russian artillery on the complex.

The mayor confirmed that any contact with those inside has 'gone dark'...

    "Unfortunately, today there is no connection with the guys, there
is no connection to understand what is happening, whether they are
safe or not. Yesterday there was a connection with them; today, no

Amid recent Western media reports the Russians had "stormed" Azovstal
overnight, the Kremlin has issued a statement rejecting this

    Video from a DNR account showing Russian/DNR strikes on the
Azovstal plant in Mariupol. Possibly by TOS-1A thermobaric MLRS. Not
sure of the date. https://t.co/ZtGmAMDnx0 pic.twitter.com/c5Zy94WpBA
    — Rob Lee (@RALee85) May 4, 2022

“There has been a public order by the supreme commander [Russian
President Vladimir Putin] to cancel the storming; there is no
storming,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday.

Peskov explained: “We see that there are aggravations associated with
the fact that the militants go to firing positions. These attempts are
suppressed very quickly. There is nothing else to say here yet."

Ukrainian media is alleging that the Russians plan to hold a 'Victory
Day' parade in the captured city of Mariupol...

    ⚡️ Ukraine’s Intelligence: Russia plans to hold military parade in
Mariupol on May 9.

    Intelligence Directorate reported that Russia is conducting
“preparations for the parade,” by cleaning central streets from
debris, unexploded ordnance and removing the bodies of those killed.
    — The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) May 4, 2022

Despite what appears to be increasing desperation on the part of the
Ukrainian fighters stuck inside and surrounded, the standoff could
still last days, or even weeks more, depending on how much in the way
of supplies they have, including ammo.

The desperation was captured in the following CNN interview with an Azov member:

    Fighters inside the besieged plant are “sharing water and food”
with civilians – but time is running out, the deputy commander of the
Ukrainian Azov Regiment, Svyatoslav Palamar, told CNN on Monday

    “We are extremely short on supplies in terms of water and food. I
cannot tell you for sure how much is left… but I can assure you that
we are saving, very fearful without water and food, and especially
ammunition,” Palamar, who is inside the plant, said.

He added: “If (worse) comes to worst and we run out of food, we’ll be
catching birds and we’ll be doing everything just to stand firm.”

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