My security problem

Undiscussed Horrific Abuse, One Victim of Many gmkarl at
Wed May 4 03:12:48 PDT 2022

hi r.e.g.

when things like this happen it can be sometimes someone or something doing
it as a matter of course: e.g. automated code or a paid job. they don't
always reply (but occasionally have) as it doesn't further their ends to do
so or they don't hear the request.

I infer you're planning to regain access to your account after the lock

i'm not familiar with gmx, but I know many respectable people use
protonmail. and also respectable and normal here. I
kinda miss mailservers hosted on anonymity networks, or that forward mail
associated with anonymity networks, or personally hosted ala freedombox.

it can also be good to retranslate one's text or adopt different writing
and posting styles when posting anonymously. there are some pretty powerful
tools for that but i'm not really familiar with them.
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