[ot][personal][spam] trying to make my unihertz titan boot

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Mon May 2 07:17:11 PDT 2022

My host system is in windows right now, so this is a good time to first try
anything that might need a factory reflash to repair.

- the phone presently appears to have factory firmware enough to show the
logo when charging. the battery is dead.

Maybe I can prepare to install TWRP.

Looks like unihertz's flashing tool was updated on apr 27. Oh no it wasn't
, just the surrounding folder.

1010a ET .

Ok, reading the instructions I think I noted the phone needs to be at 50% .
Better check which needs that since it's now at 5% .

That's for the vendor flashing tool, so I'll see if it can do fastboot.
Back to linux.

1012a .

Windows wants to install updates so it will be a bit, rebooting, and I
might forget the task. Maybe in the interim I can look for -- oh it
finished at 30% .

1014a and linux is booting.

1016a and i'm switching linux to graphical mode so as to download github
releases in a familiar way

i'll send this so as to look at the release date of interest
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