Protecting Against Third and Fourth Party Portfolio Risks

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The state of third and fourth party risk(s) are high, according to a new
whitepaper. Vinminder has released their “State of Third Party Risk 2022
Whitepaper” describing cutting edge third party and fourth party
strategies. As an added bonus, Litigation Finance Journal has collated 40
highlights to the research.

According to the whitepaper
managing third party risk is frustrating. When adding on assessment of
fourth party risk hinged to third party relationships prudent planning is
necessary. This can come in the form of third party loans to bad ESG
Litigation investors seem to agree on the nature of third and fourth party
risk, but the jury is out on overall responsibility to such claims. The
first party is responsible for these matters according to Vinminder’s

See our 40 highlights
of the research.

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