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Sun May 1 17:42:01 PDT 2022

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grarpamp <grarpamp at> wrote:

> 'Down Payment On World War III': Peace Activists Blast Biden's Ask For
> More Ukraine Aid

	here's a fact that needs to be heavily underscored :

	this non human turd grancrap is constantly spamming US, jewnazi, anti-russia, pentagon propaganda. In other words, the grancrap jewnazi is the BIGGEST WARMONGER on this fine 'cypherpunk' list.

	At the same time, this piece of non human pentagon shit and WARMONGER, whines about the US 'left' that happens to be 100% WARMONGERS, exactly like him. Shocking isn't it. So the WARMONGER turd grancrap is whining about the US 'left' WHILE DOING EXACTLY what  the US 'left' does. 

	Yeah, only this US shithole, I mean 'libertarian' 'cypherpunk' 'anarchist' mailing list can be such a cosmic joke.

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