Cryptocurrency: Monero MaxiFanboiTrolls Issue Death Threats Against HavenoDEX Zcash, License Games

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun May 1 13:15:54 PDT 2022

News of unnecessary controversies...

It's always been known that Monero is somewhat infested with
Maxi / Fanboi / Troll -ism, much like Bitcoin and others, all part and parcel
in any competitive environment really, so long as recognized as such.
Aspire to be grownups instead, for the benefit of crypto adoption.

However these threats in the news are completely inexcusable and must
be publicly denounced and rejected by the entire crypto community.

In further response,
HavenoDEX and or some new DEX's should be funded researched developed
and deployed independently away from any particular coin's influence, re Monero
in relation here but applies to any coin, up to and including forking
if necessary.
Zcash needs to be be added back into to HavenoDEX.
Zcash needs to free up any of its licensing issues.

DEX technologies, mixes, darknet exchanges, etc need to be coin agnostic
and must be allowed to freely and independently develop and flourish
as such for the betterment, adoption, advancement, and free exchange
of the entire crypto space, including the much needed push now towards
privacy-enabled coins and technologies.

Non-free licenses are an abhorrence, an insult to the ethos of, and an
unnecessary restriction upon the free adoption of crypto worldwide.
Fiat is effictively not free, licensed, and enforced by horrible threats...
no one wants that, so don't be a Fiat, be free instead.

Free ideas, free markets, and freedom of cryptocurrency.

Regardless of whatever coins and coinspace think of any competing
coins, these types of threats are dispicable and must not be tolerated.

And you can also bet that a lot of the noise in coinspace is
manufactured FUD and incitement coming from agents of the
legacy GovBank space working to kill cryptocurrency and
cryptoprivacy as a whole. Recognize their trolling and don't fall for it.

Other DEX mentioned...

DEX are needed that can handle many coins,
not just coins that ride on one particular coin platform.
Coins should be designed so they can easily plug into
the coming coin and coin-platform agnostic DEX world.

Statement about the recent concerns about Haveno listing Zcash

   Haveno Core Team | 29 Apr 2022

   Recently, we announced our intention to list Zcash among the first
   assets available to trade with Monero on Haveno. This sparked some valid
   criticism, but also baseless accusations, like claims of the Haveno Core
   Team receiving money in exchange for the listing. This reached a level not
   expected with serious threats made against the Haveno Core Team.

   The Haveno Core Team does not request or accept listing fees. We reject
   these claims entirely.

  Why did we decide to list Zcash?

   Zcash is already supported by Bisq, so supporting it on Haveno is quick
   and trivial. Zcash does provide strong privacy when used with fully
   shielded transactions, and as a privacy focused platform, we want to
   incentivize the use of privacy technologies, the correct way. That’s why
   we decided to list Zcash, but shielded (private) addresses only (See the
   open issue). We also see value in giving the possibility to Zcash
   users to trade with Monero users privately and in a decentralized way.

   With that said, we believe Monero is the best tool to facilitate private
   trade, which is why it’s the base pair of every traded asset.

  What now?

   We decided to not include Zcash in the list of the currencies that will be
   supported at launch. We don’t consider it a priority and we think we
   have already consumed enough resources on this issue. As FOSS developers,
   we are also concerned by Zooko’s recent statements about the
   licensing of their technology.

   That said, work proceeds as usual and development can be followed on
The threats came from a Monero community member that has along history
of harassment of Monero contributors. He is known for creating fake
accounts, used to spam Monero and Haveno chatrooms. He is also
currently banned from most Monero channels. I'm not sure if it's a
good idea to post a screenshot of the threats publicly.
and not a word from the mods, while antisemitic comments have been up
for 11 hours:

Coin specific, but dead on regarding all coins and coinspace...
Oh, the stupidity runs deep...
...The crypto community has two viable privacy assets with volume and
exchange support that would put them out of startup risk territory.
And all they do is fight with each other, working against their best
Haveno devs listened to the vocal morons, and cut a major artery that
would feed XMR blood.
Bad news for XMR holders (and they celebrate).
...oh the stupidity runs deep...
The privacy space is begging for a startup to take the lead over XMR
and ZEC...who will it be?
If ARRR wants to be that asset, they can't be as stupid.
ARRR team please don't be stupid.  Give the free market as may atomic
swap and DEX pipes to ARRR as possible.  And if you're really
strategic, please streamline CEX->DEX arbitrage right in the wallet.
ARRR lives or dies on the arteries that feed it.  XMR just cut a major
artery.  Don't make the same mistake.

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