USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Tue Jun 28 01:19:18 PDT 2022

Across the USA Election Fraud cases and convictions
are starting to stack up, documents, video and testimonies are
coming forth, no doubt freed up by a pissed off nation now seeing
pathetic result of the democrats installed by their own fraud.
Kari Lake is now trending #5 nationwide after her first appearance on Fox News
Lake: Biden Illegitimate Lake: Biden Illegitimate
Forensic Audit/Paper Ballot Analysis confirms (once again) that
President Trump won Arizona in a landslide.
Truly unbelievable… In 2016, 1 of 100 ballots were corrected by
machines. In 2020, Maricopa jumped to 1 out of 8 ballots modified by
WATCH what happens when a Mama Bear takes down a Fake News Baier...
The Corrupt Media REFUSES to talk about the biggest story of our
lifetime: a STOLEN election. Instead they try to divert our attention
to meaningless stories... I will never let them.

Should Tucker Carlson finally interview Trump-Endorsed Frontrunner @KariLake?
92% Yes
8% No

The subpoenable US Postal Service (USPS) stores images of the
face of all mail forever in top-secret programs called MICT and iCOP.
UNDERCOVER FOOTAGE: Never before seen footage of Elected Officials in
San Luis, Arizona Trafficking Ballots! @gary4azsenate captured this
footage of Mules trafficking ballots in broad daylight. These Mules
got CAUGHT. Let this serve as a WARNING to any future Mules.
@Gary4AZSenate presented explosive proof of election fraud at
tonight's election integrity hearing. "We will get justice one way or

Any American “Journalist” that hasn’t watched THE highest rated
Documentary #2000Mules, is doing a disservice to themselves AND to our
Country You best watch @DineshDSouza’s film before you ask me about
the 2020 Election Guys, just do your due diligence.

Censorship by NewsMax...

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