Pros go after people, not tech

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Jun 27 08:40:19 PDT 2022

Only amateurs attack machines; professionals target people  -  Bruce Schneier

The ultimate in paranoia is not when everyone is against you but when everything is against you  -   P.K.Dick

Bruce Schneier, founder of United States network monitoring service Counterpane, recommends outsourcing labour-intensive tasks such as vulnerability assessment, network monitoring, consulting and forensics.

John Young
. And, not to be overlooked in the rush to commercial, institutional grade exploitation, fuck Bruce Schneier for saying PGP will endure for a niche market. What the smell of money will do, slathered with personal envy of the genuine creators outside the world's beltway.

Major Variola (ret)  As Schneier says, pros go after people, not tech.

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