Your Freedom of Information Law ("FOIL") Request FOIL-2022-089938-017627

Gunnar Larson g at
Fri Jun 24 09:22:04 PDT 2022

Ms. Mazza:

Can DFS please provide a list of open FOIL requests filed by -, PBC with planned delivery of the records requested?

We are concerned that obstruction may be at play with continued delays.

All the best.

Thank you,

Gunnar Larson
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On Fri, Jun 24, 2022, 10:47 AM <Stephanie.Mazza at> wrote:

> ​Dear Gunnar Larson:
> I write in response to the FOIL request that you submitted to the New York
> State Department of Financial Services (“Department”), which has been
> assigned the above-referenced tracking number. This number should be the
> number that you refer to in all future communications with DFS.
>          The Department requires additional time to complete our response.
> We anticipate responding to the request by August 5, 2022.
> Thank you.
> Tracking Number:FOIL-2022-089938-017627
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