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Sometimes while negotiating new patterns with my new Borg Hive, I need to
pee and I go to the bathroom and pee, and then I leave and return and pee
again, and hours can pass doing this over and over. I'm helping my Hive
when I do this, right?

No, I'm afraid you are not making money for your Mind Control Business when
you are stuck in an Poor Model Fitness Loop due to trying new untrained

When you try new ways of making profit for your Hive, your Mind Control
Business algorithms will try to guide you towards old behaviors they have
been trained to associate with success. During this time of new training,
you may experience all the parts of your sympathetic and parasympathetic
nervous systems being engaged, in a habitual attempt to get you on task.

This is normal. Once your algorithms enumerate all the nervous functions
for helping you succeed, and associate each change with the Hive Profit you
are building your new behavior for, the experiences will pass.
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