A Huge Step Forward in Quantum Computing Was Just Announced: The First-Ever Quantum Circuit

punk punks at tfwno.gf
Thu Jun 23 21:55:57 PDT 2022

> " . . .   The achievement, which occurred two years ahead of schedule, represents a major milestone in the race to build the world’s first quantum computer . . ."
> Two years ahead - that means we're still on track to hit Cypherpunk 2027 targets of global crypto-anarchy and an early technological singularity.  Only five more years at full-warp!

	yep, bell and the jewnazi thing pro2rat at yahoo.com.au are the two lowest non-human-turds on this fine 'cypherpunk' list. They are pretty much twin brothers. 

	The brain-dead technonazi from MIT and the illiterate cop, both worshipping the latest mechanical toy from govcorp, whose only purpose is to exterminate the human race, aka 'singularity'.

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