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Thu Jun 23 05:50:20 PDT 2022

i roughly did that. it's not working yet, bugs remain.

something i do more as a norm now is `import pdb; pdb.set_trace()`
where-ever i want to look at information to resolve the error.

this seems to really ease debugging when very confused. no need to do
the breakpoints/conditions dance. no need to worry about whether or
not i ran it in a debugger. can just code the condition right in.

i'm thinking this would probably work in other languages. link to a a
debugger, open it when the assertion fails. i'm sure people do that
already in large projects, maybe i used to. but now it seems a good

one of the reasons i avoid nodejs is the difficulty i used to have
debugging it (and a frightening interpreter error i ran into). i bet
there are a lot of nodejs debugging libraries now, that could be just
opened when a chunk of code is added in.

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