US 2nd Amendment Under Assault, Freedom Firearms Guns Defense

grarpamp grarpamp at
Wed Jun 22 13:23:39 PDT 2022
How "red-flag" laws work in reality:

Kari Lake for AZ Governor @KariLake
When I’m Governor, Arizona will not recognize unconstitutional Gun
Laws in our state. We just won’t do it. What are the Feds going to do?
Fly down here and arrest a sitting Governor? Call my bluff.
Cornyn’s approach to save children’s lives is to give unconstitutional
power to the “public health” institutions that caused a massive
increase in children’s homicide and mental health deaths.

Join, fund, and participate in action to defend your rights and those
of others...
You can tell this bill was written in a rush. They’re going ram it
through quickly, and it will take years to figure out how it works.
Vague provisions will be abused. And, in the meantime, the likelihood
that it will stop any shootings is very small.
14 Republicans voted 'YES' tonight: Roy Blunt Richard Burr Shelly
Moore-Capito Bill Cassidy Susan Collins John Cornyn Joni Ernst Lindsey
Graham Mitch McConnell Lisa Murkowski Rob Portman Mitt Romney Thom
Tillis Todd Young
Tucker Carlson Blasting Senate RINOs Over Gun Control Deal w/ The Left
& Their Plans To Sell Out On Immigration "Has there ever been a
greater more brazen sellout of any group of voters than what
Republicans Senators Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn & the rest are doing
right now?"

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