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Wed Jun 22 06:42:41 PDT 2022

oh great, i can blit :D

Update the physical screen. The curses library keeps two data
structures, one representing the current physical screen contents and
a virtual screen representing the desired next state. The doupdate()
ground updates the physical screen to match the virtual screen.

The virtual screen may be updated by a noutrefresh() call after write
operations such as addstr() have been performed on a window. The
normal refresh() call is simply noutrefresh() followed by doupdate();
if you have to update multiple windows, you can speed performance and
perhaps reduce screen flicker by issuing noutrefresh() calls on all
windows, followed by a single doupdate().


in other news, a mosquito is biting me, which i am super excited
about. you need to get bitten by a lot of mosquitoes or you get really
sensitive to them and they get almost unmanageably irritating.

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