[crazy][spam] was Re: This 1.5TB microSD is surely witchcraft

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Tue Jun 21 14:57:10 PDT 2022

> The basic SD Memory Card communication is based on 9-pin interface (Clock, Command,
> 4xData and 3xPower lines) designed to operate in at maximum operating frequency of 208
> MHz and low voltage range. Additional communication methods, based on differential
> signaling interface (UHS-II and PCIe/NVMe) are specified as optional. The communication
> protocol is defined as a part of this specification unless specified otherwise (i.e. PCIe and
> NVMe cases).

It lists specifications:
- audio specification
- file system specification
- security specification
- physical layer specification (includes basic command protocol)
the mechanical section describes a "mini" SD between micro and SD.
didn't know about that one.
- mc-ex interface specification
mobile commerce
- sdio specification
sdio sd cards are sd cards that have IO peripherals, and can only be
engaged with sdio-capable interfaces

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