Assmange the Reneger

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Sun Jun 19 02:37:44 PDT 2022

He was dishonest then - he's dishonest now - and he'll be dishonest forever.

Professor Rat - about 7 hours ago 

Bob Carr is dead . . . wrong. Manning was tortured in custody so that contributed to her release. She had become a political liability.
The pardon also wrong-footed Assmange though that was probably just a bonus. So there’s no reason not to try someone for attempted breaking-and-entering; especially if they have a criminal record of breaking and entering NA-based computers.

Professor Rat - about 7 hours ago 

Wicked leaks ignorance remains bliss in Green and Alternative Liberal Party circles

Professor Rat - 11 minutes ago 

emptywheel - 50m
Remember when WikiLeaks said Assange would agree to extradition if Manning got clemency?
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Stella Assange #FreeAssangeNOW
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“The Yank has had her sentence commuted; the Aussie faces an extradition and a cruel sentencing”referring to @xychelsea (the source) vs #Assange (the publisher).

This kind of thing really hits a nerve in Australia. #FreeAssangeNOW

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