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> Intern: "Weird Bug Hotline! Is it currently biting you?"
> Callee: "Hi, I use a lot of network services to arbitrage
> cryptocurrency and train machine learning models, and my network
> connections keep dropping when I go on lunch or look away. It's
> causing me a lot of time and headache. Do you know what to do?"
> Intern: "That's perfectly normal, Callee. Have you tried running a
> packet logger?"
> Callee: "A packet logger? What's that?"
> Intern: "We'll need to log the network traffic so as to resolve the
> cause of the network disconnections for real. We can filter out other
> traffic so it won't reveal anything unneccessary. Go to
> https://www.wireshark.org/ and download and install the product listed
> there."
> Callee: "Okay, I'm installing it ... it's exciting to sort this out!"
> Intern: "Do you have it installed?"
> Callee: "Umm ... one minute ..."
> Callee: "Okay, I have it installed!"
> Intern: "We're going to make a network log of your traffic, so that we
> can understand the context of the disconnections. It's best if that
> happens on both the clients, and the servers. Make note of the network
> interface device names you're using to make the connection, and boot
> up wireshark."
> Callee: "I've booted it up!"
> Intern: "The log is bigger the more traffic is sent, so press the
> "Expression..." button at the bottom of Wireshark's toolbar, next to
> the filter dropdown. We're going to set a filter to only log your
> traffic."
> Callee: "Okay, it popped up a dialog."
> Intern: "In the "Field name" selector, scroll down to find IPv4 and
> IPv6. It's alphabetical. Select the kind of connection you're making."
> Callee: "Okay, this is IPv4."
> Intern: "Pick IPv4 fields and values that uniquely identify your
> connection. Use the "==" relation."
> Callee: "Hum, okay, I have a few of them, let me see. I guess I have
> to hit "OK" after every one? Oh, it turns it into code and adds it to
> the filter box!"
> Intern: "You'll need to add "and" and "or" operators to that filter
> box to make it work. And once you see the format you can just type or
> paste it."
> Callee: "Okay, I've set up my filter!"
> Intern: "Before you launch it, do an ifconfig on your interfaces, so
> you can get an idea of how many packets they're handling. Ideally
> you'd write a script to poll it regularly."
> Callee: "Oh, I have load monitoring tools for that!"
> Intern: "Oh? What do you use?"
> Callee: "Such and such product."
> Intern: "Huh, I should look into that. Anyway, now you've set a
> filter, let's select the capture interface. Go into the "Capture"
> drop-down menu and select "Interfaces"."
> Callee: "Hum, I could have just hit Ctrl-I!"
> Intern: "Select the interface the problematic connection is happening
> on, and press Start."
> Callee: "It's whizzing network activity by me! This is so cool!"
> Intern: "So, you just used wireshark to start a packet capture. It'll
> record the connection details around the problem: if there are timing
> abnormalities, or if there are various different packets sent to
> terminate the connection from a normal cause. If you have a headless
> server, you can pass the same filter you made to the "tcpdump"
> utility, to make the same packet capture. If you have a lot of
> trafffic, you'll want to make sure the data is stored on a device with
> enough space."
> Callee: "And now I just go and have lunch again, while it logs?"
> Intern: "Yep! In all likelihood the problem won't happen any more, now
> that we're logging the traffic. I usually just keep a log running all
> the time, to reduce my problems."
> Callee: "Thanks, Weird Bug Hotline!"
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